Process for Disciplinary Action

KVS believes that the development of discipline and acceptable standards of academic integrity is fundamental aspect of teaching-learning process. Our School/College's approach to discipline is an educative one aimed at helping students to understand their behaviour and its impact on their career. The School/College may apply the full range of options, including suspension or expulsion, according to the procedures outlined.

Students must follow the codes of conduct of KVS. Irresponsible and impolite behaviour will be considered as an act of indiscipline. Serious misconduct also will be considered as sufficient reason expulsion. 

Students found smoking or chewing tobacco and gums in the college premises or inside the college and anywhere in the college uniform will be suspended and their parents/guardians will be notified. Repetition of same act will result in expulsion from the college.

Student must compensate all the expenses for any loss or damage, if caused by them, to the college property.

Students will be warned for their minor misconduct. In case of repetition of misconduct parents/guardian will be notified. But in case of gross violation such as possession, use and peddling of drugs, alcohol, stealing or damaging college property, vandalism or group fight, the college reserves the right to expel defaulter without explanation or written notice in advance.

Students are strictly restricted to visit parties, cafe, restaurants and picnic (except organized by KVS) in the college uniform. If students are found in such form, the college management reserves the right to terminate any action without prior notice to the parents/guardians.
+2 Level students are strictly prohibited to ride motorbike in college unifrom.