The school is strengthened with a well maintained library that capacitates more than ten thousand books. These books are course books and references book along with a lot of creative reading materials. The library also has books for extra-curricular activity, like books to teach painting, crafting and other vocational areas. Students get library periods in every week, and enjoy reading them.


The school possesses an independent Computer Lab with strength of more than 30 computers. And all computers are connected to 24hrs internet facility. Students can do programming, downloading and even carry out project work as assigned by the tutors.

Besides Computer Lab, the school owns three labs for Science practical- Physics Lab , Chemistry Lab and Biology Lab. All labs are fully furnished and maintained. Students make use of all the labs for theory practicals as per their routine.


KVHSS has an independent Medical Ward with a Doctor and Nurse who look after children in the case of minor injuries and accidents. The ward is equipped with all medical instruments and medicine as per the requirement. The school also has a hygienic cafeteria certified by the Medical Section of the school. The foods are sold as per the direction of the nurse.


The school runs an independent hostel within school's premises and  it is attached with school's main building. At present, it serves around 105 students. Clean dormitories, separate floors for boys and girls, two hostel wardens, one hostel matron and one hostel superintendent are its features and security. Besides, there are several junior staff along with hygienic hostel kitchen and dining hall. Fee structure of the hostel is affordable to all.


The school has an independent research and development wing that looks after all research work and research publications. We take our students to different places for project work, field work and research. These activities are very integral to present academic curricula we offer. The students visit many places, carry out issue-based research on the questionnaire developed in the school, approved and recommended by the concerned faculties, and come back with relevant findings. Then they develop a report; make a presentation in front of their friends, teachers & parents as well. On this ground, we are a research & development oriented instituition.


Bus service is provided by the School at a subsidized rate. Parents are requested to arrange proper escort for their children to and from the scheduled bus points.